Manasota BUDS wishes to be among the first to congratulate you on your new baby!  If you’re visiting this page, you’ve likely received a recent diagnosis of Down syndrome.  Rest assured, your child is an absolute blessing, wonderfully made, and capable of great things.

Let’s Start with You

Learning that your baby has Down syndrome is often not an easy thing for new parents to face, and it’s typical to experience a whirlwind of emotions.  For most parents, the period immediately following a Down syndrome diagnosis is filled with uncertainty and doubt.  

You might be worrying about how the Down syndrome diagnosis will impact your child’s life, or your family’s future.  You may have concerns about current or future health complications.  You may feel overwhelmed by having to find doctors, therapists, schools, or other resources that specialize in Down syndrome.  You may be questioning your ability to raise or provide for a child with a disability.  You may even be experiencing feelings of denial, disappointment, anger, depression, or other symptoms of grief.  Know that these are all natural, human feelings and that you are not alone.  

It is important that you share how you’re feeling with others, especially those closest to you.  It is equally important to know that the more painful emotions you might be feeling in the present will subside and be replaced by immeasurably more positive feelings soon.  Understand that there is a wealth of materials, services, and support out there for you, your family, and your little one.

We Are Here For You

Manasota BUDS currently supports over 250 families impacted by Down syndrome across the Florida Gulf Coast.  Our mission is to provide families with a neutral and supportive forum for sharing and networking, and to promote understanding and acceptance of Down syndrome.  As a new parent, we would love to welcome your family to our family!   We’ve been in your shoes, and we can help.  To get started, please click the button below.  Membership is free of charge.