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I’ll never forget hearing the words “we believe your son has Down syndrome”. I had just experienced an amazing pregnancy and a smooth delivery. How could this be? We went back and forth between shock and fear. We had no idea what to expect and what kind of life our Bennett would lead. 

Fast forward to a year later and we cannot imagine our lives any different. Bennett begins and ends each day with a huge smile on his face. He plays hard and loves even harder. He is determined to keep up with his big brother and demands he be involved in everything we do! What a blessing and joy he is to our family. 

We are so grateful for all of the love and support we have received with Bennett. Our family is our backbone and they have just embraced Bennett. The Down syndrome community is an amazing community to be a part of. From early intervention to being connected with other families to education, we could not ask for a better support group. 

Please help us raise awareness and fundraise. We appreciate your donations and support!

Much love,

Dave, Kim, Sawyer and Bennett



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