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Team Captain Team Olivia Grace Buddy Walk 2020

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Every year, Olivia and other children with Down Syndrome, benefit from our local organization Manasota B.U.D.S (Bringing up Down Syndrome).  Some children receive hippo therapy as physical therapy, while others participate in dance classes or marital arts.  Because many families cannot afford to pay for recreational activities in addition to covering medical expenses, Manasota B.U.D.S helps by either supplementing the cost or paying for the activity altogether; as a result, our children get to play tennis, swim, and dance and improve their motor skills.  

If you are looking to donate to a good cause and would like a tax write off, I ask that you consider donating to Manasota B.U.D.S, so children like Olivia can continue to participate in these enriching activities.

I thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity.

Proud mom of Olivia Grace,

Gina Barresi